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dreaming america dreaming america is a visual media studio.

Our core capabilities include: web design, multi-media presentations, video and audio production, identity work and content development. We can also provide a full range of marketing, e-commerce, and server-side development solutions.

Our projects are produced with the people that will use them in mind. We are designing the user experience:

interface design + content development + usability

interface design:
How is the information in a project organized? Is the navigation intuitive? Creating a consistent and aesthetic visual language is crucial to a successful experience.

content development:
Your audience craves real content. What are you presenting that will be interesting for people to read, watch, or listen to?

Does your web site work on multiple platforms and browsers? Will the multi-media presentation run without a hitch? How long are your visitors experiencing your project? Are you interacting with them? Fierce attention to detail is critical to a project's success.

user experience:
Excited. Fulfilled. Enlightened. Your audience needs to feel what you are communicating. Creating an engaging experience is the difference between a successful project and a project that is quickly forgotten.

Do you want to create something memorable?

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